Founder Jackson Corley, a chiropractor of over 20 years shifted his vocational focus on a more global scale after suffering a severe back injury. Mountain biking on some of Chico, California’s most technical trails, Jackson crashed and fell down a ravine herniating three discs in his lower back. Knowing the risk of complication from surgery Jackson researched alternative healing methods despite the counsel of his doctors.

His research in anions led him to what is now Incrediwear technology, embedded in the fibers of all of our products. He constructed a back brace and within one year he recovered at an alarming rate; Jackson was able to run, bike, and play after being told he may never be able to again. Realizing the potential of his products Jackson continued developing a line of braces, sleeves, and socks in an effort to help people recover from various ailments just as he did.


To enhance the quality of life of any individual through providing products that can make them healthier, happier, and able to do what they love to do regardless of perceived limitations.


Our vision is to create a paradigm shift in functional apparel and become synonymous with comfort, relief, and recovery.